CPC Courses have been concluded for 2019

Registered Training Providers. We are more and more getting operatives in for refresher training OR after being trained by unregistered companies who are issuing their own cards which are being declined at a later stage after their competence as training providers has been questioned. Not only is this illegal but it leaves the operatives out of pocket with no qualification.  Please see below for a paragraph taken from HSE ACoP 117

“Instructor Competence – 

Successful training depends on the competence of instructors so you should have a system in place to check their competence and suitability. Ask them to supply evidence of:

  • Training and post-training experience on the type of truck to be used, both as an instructor and operator
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with conditions in the industry where the trainees will work;
  • Expertise in any requirements peculiar to the operation of the truck(s) and in the work trainees will be expected to do
  • Documentation such as:

A **valid** certificate of training (instructor qualification)

An insurance certificate (public liability at least)

Proof they can train on the vehicles concerned.

AND keep their own training and experience as instructors up to date, especially if not training regularly and be reassessed on an ongoing”

Don’t be fooled, if your trainer cannot provide any proof of accreditation then more than likely they are ‘AT IT’ !!